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  • Having "thoughts" is one thing. Facing reality is another.

    With Flash already installed on billions of desktops, laptops, and devices and AIR appearing on more and more devices, Flash is a far cry from 'dead', despite the fact-deprived, short-sighted headlines that invariably pop up on tech blogs for anything related to Flash.

    Let's talk about reality. Use the buttons above to navigate the facts.
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  • HTML5 has unfairly been taken hostage to support the disturbingly trendy (and factually ridiculous) notion that there must to be a 'war', or that one technology must 'kill' the other, or that one technology is black-and-white, bar-none 'better' than another. Any developer worth their salt will tell you it's not that simple.

    In a September 2012 interview, Mark Zuckerberg shared that using HTML 5 for Facebook's mobile app was "one of the biggest mistakes if not the biggest strategic mistake we've ever made (at Facebook)."

  • Machinarium, a graphically rich puzzle and adventure game
    reached the #1 position for paid iPad Apps.

    It was created in Flash and delivered to the iPad via Adobe AIR technology.
    For most platforms, AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) is simply Flash content with some
    additional code to access OS-level 'hooks' for device-specific functionality.

  • The #1 video game UI solution (used in Crysis, Borderlands, StarCraft 2,
    Mass Effect and hundreds of other game titles) is Flash-based.

    Find out more about this amazing technology at Scaleform.

  • Amazon's "Kindle Fire" tablet/e-reader devices are Flash enabled and
    run Adobe AIR apps, as typical Android phones and tablets do.

  • The new Flash Player 11 and Adobe AIR 3 are true milestones,
    ushering in the ability to deliver console quality games via Flash and AIR.

  • Unity, named the #1 game engine in 2011 by Game Developer Magazine readers (with over 1500 games in Apple's App Store, many of them top-selling) has introduced the ability to export directly to Flash Player 11.
  • The 'Thoughts on Flash' letter written by Steve Jobs in 2010 is riddled with inaccuracies, 'leap of faith' logic, and grossly inaccurate technical claims (some folks consider these inaccurate claims to be flat-out lies).

    Why create such an 'open letter' to start with- unless so many people are unhappy about Flash content being censored on iDevices that you need to placate them with your version of facts/truth?
    Here are just a few takes on Jobs' infamous 'Thoughts on Flash'.

  • If the Flash player is so inefficient and such a battery hog, how on earth did it end up as the core technology behind Leapfrog's Leapster, with millons of units sold?

    Keep in mind that the Leapster was launched in 2003- with a 96MHz CPU and 2MB of RAM.

  • Samsung and LG are embracing Adobe AIR in their Smart TV lines.
    The number of Flash and AIR based games and applications continues to grow in their app stores.

  • Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader (reported to be the best selling Android tablet)
    supports the Flash player and Adobe AIR applications in it's app marketplace.

  • Android, which ships with Flash Player (and Adobe AIR support for Android 2.2
    devices and up) is the dominant mobile operating system in the US and globally.